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Acropora downingi

Wallace, 1999

Colonies are tables, usually side-attached, generally with horizontal radiating anastomosing branches becoming highly fused at the centre of large colonies. Branchlets may have upturned ends although they are seldom vertical. Axial corallites are small. Radial corallites are of mixed sizes and crowded, with sharp-edged nariform openings.

Colour: Brown, grey or green, often with pale margins.

Habitat: Shallow margins of fringing reefs.

Abundance: Common.

Similar species: Acropora clathrata

Taxonomic note: Source reference: Veron (2000). Taxonomic reference: Wallace (1999). Additional identification guide: Carpenter et al. (1997, as Acropora clathrata).

Map displaying probable distribution of species. Points indicate recorded sightings from OBIS.
Acropora downingi.  Kuwait.  Tiered plates.  Peter Harrison.

Acropora downingi.Kuwait.Tiered plates.Peter Harrison.

Acropora downingi.  Socotra, north-western Indian Ocean.  highly fused branches.  Jerry Kemp.

Acropora downingi.Socotra, north-western Indian Ocean.highly fused branches.Jerry Kemp.

Acropora downingi.  Kuwait.  Small colony undeveloped.  Peter Harrison.

Acropora downingi.Kuwait.Small colony undeveloped.Peter Harrison.

Acropora downingi.  Kuwait.  Side view of tiers.  Peter Harrison.

Acropora downingi.Kuwait.Side view of tiers.Peter Harrison.

Acropora downingi.  Kuwait.  Showing crowded corallites of irregular size.  Peter Harrison.

Acropora downingi.Kuwait.Showing crowded corallites of irregular size.Peter Harrison.

Acropora downingi.  Kuwait.  Showing branch tip.

Acropora downingi.Kuwait.Showing branch tip.

Acropora downingi.  Southern Red Sea.  Showing branches.

Acropora downingi.Southern Red Sea.Showing branches.