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Acropora parahemprichii

Veron, 2000

Colonies may be large (over 4 metres across) and form dense thickets of frequently dividing branches. Branches are 7-9 millimetres thick and slightly tapered. Axial corallites are prominent. Radial corallites are rounded, tubular and appressed except towards branch tips, and are arranged in rows.

Colour: Grey-brown, usually with pale yellow corallite tips.

Habitat: Mid reef slopes exposed to strong currents.

Abundance: Uncommon.

Similar species: Acropora hemprichii , Acropora striata , Acropora tumida , Acropora verweyi

Taxonomic note: Source reference: Veron (2000). Taxonomic reference: Veron (2002).

Map displaying probable distribution of species. Points indicate recorded sightings from OBIS.
Acropora parahemprichii.  Indonesia.  Large colony.  Charlie Veron.

Acropora parahemprichii.Indonesia.Large colony.Charlie Veron.

Acropora parahemprichii.  Indonesia.  Colony surface.  Charlie Veron.

Acropora parahemprichii.Indonesia.Colony surface.Charlie Veron.

Acropora parahemprichii.  Indonesia.  Small colony with irregular branches.  Charlie Veron.

Acropora parahemprichii.Indonesia.Small colony with irregular branches.Charlie Veron.

Acropora parahemprichii.  Indonesia.  Showing similarity between A. parahemprichii (foreground) and A. striata (behind).  Charlie Veron.

Acropora parahemprichii.Indonesia.Showing similarity between A. parahemprichii (foreground) and A. striata (behind).Charlie Veron.

Acropora parahemprichii.  Indonesia.  Branch tips.  Charlie Veron.

Acropora parahemprichii.Indonesia.Branch tips.Charlie Veron.

Acropora parahemprichii.  Indonesia.  Showing whole colony.

Acropora parahemprichii.Indonesia.Showing whole colony.

Acropora parahemprichii.  Indonesia.  Showing branch tips.

Acropora parahemprichii.Indonesia.Showing branch tips.

Acropora parahemprichii.  Indonesia.  Showing radial corallites.

Acropora parahemprichii.Indonesia.Showing radial corallites.

Acropora parahemprichii.  Indonesia.  Showing an axial corallite.

Acropora parahemprichii.Indonesia.Showing an axial corallite.

Acropora parahemprichii.  Indonesia.  Showing corallites.

Acropora parahemprichii.Indonesia.Showing corallites.