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Porites harrisoni

Veron, 2000

Colonies are usually less than one metre across. They have a wide range of submassive, nodular, columnar and branching growth-forms on a broad encrusting base.

Colour: Commonly dark brown, also pink or blue.

Habitat: Shallow fringing reefs.

Abundance: Locally common and may be a dominant species.

Similar species: Porites compressa , Porites nodifera

Taxonomic note: Taxonomic note: This species in the western Indian Ocean has been called Porites compressa. Source reference: Veron (2000). Taxonomic reference: Veron (2002). Additional identification guide: Carpenter et al. (1997, as Porites compressa).

Map displaying probable distribution of species. Points indicate recorded sightings from OBIS.
Porites harrisoni.  Kuwait.  Colonies have an irregular to nodular upper surface.  Peter Harrison.

Porites harrisoni.Kuwait.Colonies have an irregular to nodular upper surface.Peter Harrison.

Porites harrisoni.  Kuwait.  Side view of a columnar colony.  Peter Harrison.

Porites harrisoni.Kuwait.Side view of a columnar colony.Peter Harrison.

Porites harrisoni. Diagram showing corallite characters.   .

Porites harrisoni.Diagram showing corallite characters. .

Porites harrisoni.  Kuwait.  Showing column formation.

Porites harrisoni.Kuwait.Showing column formation.

Porites harrisoni.  Kuwait.  Showing colony surface.

Porites harrisoni.Kuwait.Showing colony surface.

Porites harrisoni.  Kuwait.  Showing corallites.

Porites harrisoni.Kuwait.Showing corallites.