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Acropora torihalimeda

Wallace, 1994

Colonies are clumps of irregular fine upright or prostrate branches. These consist of little more than elongate axial corallites with widely spaced radial corallites. The undersurface of prostrate branches are usually devoid of corallites. Radial corallites are variable in size, but are mostly pocket-like, short and appressed, with nariform openings.

Colour: Pale brown branches with darker radial corallites and sometimes coloured axial corallites.

Habitat: Protected reef slopes.

Abundance: Uncommon.

Similar species: Acropora cardenae

Taxonomic note: Source reference: Veron (2000). Taxonomic references: Wallace (1994, 1999).

Map displaying probable distribution of species. Points indicate recorded sightings from OBIS.
Acropora torihalimeda.  Philippines.  A compact colony.  Charlie Veron.

Acropora torihalimeda.Philippines.A compact colony.Charlie Veron.

Acropora torihalimeda.  Philippines.  Showing branch.

Acropora torihalimeda.Philippines.Showing branch.