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Goniopora tenella

(Quelch, 1886)

Colonies are encrusting or explanate plates. Corallites are shallow and have thin walls. Septa are numerous and even. Corallites are 5-7 millimetres diameter. Polyps are short, without tubular trunks.

Colour: Brown, grey or mottled.

Habitat: Shallow reef environments.

Abundance: Rare.

Similar species: Goniopora somaliensis

Taxonomic note: Source reference: Veron (2000). Taxonomic reference: Scheer and Pillai (1983).

Map displaying probable distribution of species. Points indicate recorded sightings from OBIS.
Goniopora tenella.  Papua New Guinea.  An encrusting colony.  Charlie Veron.

Goniopora tenella.Papua New Guinea.An encrusting colony.Charlie Veron.

Goniopora tenella.  Papua New Guinea.  Showing corallites.

Goniopora tenella.Papua New Guinea.Showing corallites.

Goniopora tenella.  Sri Lanka.  Showing colony surface.

Goniopora tenella.Sri Lanka.Showing colony surface.

Goniopora tenella.  Southern Red Sea.  Showing corallites.

Goniopora tenella.Southern Red Sea.Showing corallites.