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Simplastrea vesicularis

Umbgrove, 1939

Colonies are flat and encrusting. Corallites are circular, uniformly spaced and separated by blistery coenosteum. Walls are thin. Septa are well developed, thin and straight. The inner margins of septa form a columella tangle. The colony surface is covered by a mass of slightly extended tentacles.

Colour: Pale brown.

Habitat: Shallow reef environments.

Abundance: Previously known from a single beach eroded specimen.

Similar species:

Taxonomic note: Source reference: Veron (2000). Taxonomic reference: Umbgrove’s original description/specimens.

Map displaying probable distribution of species. Points indicate recorded sightings from OBIS.
Simplastrea vesicularis.  Papua New Guinea.  Encrusting a rock in shallow water.  Charlie Veron.

Simplastrea vesicularis.Papua New Guinea.Encrusting a rock in shallow water.Charlie Veron.

Simplastrea vesicularis.  Indonesia.  Showing corallites.

Simplastrea vesicularis.Indonesia.Showing corallites.