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Montipora confusa

Nemenzo, 1967

Colonies have an encrusting or laminar base, with irregular column-like branches. Coenosteum ridges on branches form the distinctive flame-shaped pattern illustrated.

Colour: Yellowish- or greenish-brown, usually with pale coenosteum ridges and plate margins.

Habitat: Shallow reef environments, especially lagoons.

Abundance: Uncommon but distinctive.

Similar species: Montipora undata , Montipora vietnamensis

Taxonomic note: Source reference: Veron (2000). Taxonomic reference: Nemenzo (1967). Additional identification guide: Allen and Steene (1994).

Map displaying probable distribution of species. Points indicate recorded sightings from OBIS.
Montipora confusa.  Philippines.  Plate margin.  Charlie Veron.

Montipora confusa.Philippines.Plate margin.Charlie Veron.

Montipora confusa.  Indonesia.  Plates and columns.  Roger Steene.

Montipora confusa.Indonesia.Plates and columns.Roger Steene.

Montipora confusa.  Philippines.  Branches and columns.  Charlie Veron.

Montipora confusa.Philippines.Branches and columns.Charlie Veron.

Montipora confusa.  Philippines.  Branches.  Charlie Veron.

Montipora confusa.Philippines.Branches.Charlie Veron.

Montipora confusa. Skeletal detail.  Geoff Kelly.

Montipora confusa.Skeletal detail.Geoff Kelly.

Montipora confusa.  Vietnam.  Showing branches.

Montipora confusa.Vietnam.Showing branches.

Montipora confusa.  Vietnam.  Showing colony surface.

Montipora confusa.Vietnam.Showing colony surface.

Montipora confusa.  Vietnam.  Showing branch end.

Montipora confusa.Vietnam.Showing branch end.

Montipora confusa.  Vietnam.  Showing plate formation.

Montipora confusa.Vietnam.Showing plate formation.

Montipora confusa.  Philippines.  No text reqd.

Montipora confusa.Philippines.No text reqd.