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Montipora delicatula

Veron, 2000

Colonies are composed of very thin unifacial laminae which are usually contorted. Corallites are inconspicuous, in rows between coenosteum ridges. Coenosteum ridges are irregular.

Colour: Pale brown, becoming paler towards colony margins. Coenosteum ridges are usually pale.

Habitat: Restricted to shallow reef edges.

Abundance: Uncommon.

Similar species:

Taxonomic note: Taxonomic note: This species was called Montipora pulcherrima Bernard by Nemenzo (1976) and Montipora sp. 2 by Veron and Hodgson (1989). Source reference: Veron (2000). Taxonomic reference: Veron (2002).

Map displaying probable distribution of species. Points indicate recorded sightings from OBIS.
Montipora delicatula.  Philippines.  Forming whorls.  Charlie Veron.

Montipora delicatula.Philippines.Forming whorls.Charlie Veron.

Montipora delicatula.  Philippines.  Complex tiers and whorls.  Charlie Veron.

Montipora delicatula.Philippines.Complex tiers and whorls.Charlie Veron.

Montipora delicatula.  Philippines.  Coenosteum ridges.  Charlie Veron.

Montipora delicatula.Philippines.Coenosteum ridges.Charlie Veron.

Montipora delicatula.  Philippines.  Details of plate.  Doug Fenner.

Montipora delicatula.Philippines.Details of plate.Doug Fenner.

Montipora delicatula. Skeletal detail.  Geoff Kelly.

Montipora delicatula.Skeletal detail.Geoff Kelly.

Montipora delicatula.  Indonesia.  Showing plate formation.

Montipora delicatula.Indonesia.Showing plate formation.

Montipora delicatula.  Indonesia.  Showing colony surface.

Montipora delicatula.Indonesia.Showing colony surface.

Montipora delicatula.  Indonesia.  Showing skeletal detail.

Montipora delicatula.Indonesia.Showing skeletal detail.