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Echinophyllia patula

(Hodgson and Ross, 1981)

Colonies are thin laminae with widely spaced, irregular corallites. Corallites are immersed and have broad columellae. A large central corallite may be distinguishable. Costae are well developed and have exsert triangular teeth; there are deep pits where costae commence.

Colour: Usually grey-green, grey or brown.

Habitat: Vertical substrates with clear water at 10-40 metres depth.

Abundance: Sometimes common.

Similar species: Echinophyllia aspera , Echinophyllia echinata

Taxonomic note: Source reference: Veron (2000). Taxonomic reference: Hodgson and Ross (1981 as Physophyllia patula). Additional identification guide: Nishihira and Veron (1995).

Map displaying probable distribution of species. Points indicate recorded sightings from OBIS.
Echinophyllia patula.  Ryukyu Islands, Japan.  Tiers of thin plates.  Charlie Veron.

Echinophyllia patula.Ryukyu Islands, Japan.Tiers of thin plates.Charlie Veron.

Echinophyllia patula.  Philippines.  Tiers of thin plates.  Charlie Veron.

Echinophyllia patula.Philippines.Tiers of thin plates.Charlie Veron.

Echinophyllia patula.  Papua New Guinea.  A small plate.  Charlie Veron.

Echinophyllia patula.Papua New Guinea.A small plate.Charlie Veron.

Echinophyllia patula.  Philippines.  Surface detail.  Charlie Veron.

Echinophyllia patula.Philippines.Surface detail.Charlie Veron.

Echinophyllia patula.  Taiwan.  A small colony (centre) amid a variety of other encrusting corals.  Charlie Veron.

Echinophyllia patula.Taiwan.A small colony (centre) amid a variety of other encrusting corals.Charlie Veron.

Echinophyllia patula.  Philippines.  Showing corallites.

Echinophyllia patula.Philippines.Showing corallites.

Echinophyllia patula.  Vietnam.  Showing whole colony.

Echinophyllia patula.Vietnam.Showing whole colony.

Echinophyllia patula.  Vietnam.  Showing colony surface.

Echinophyllia patula.Vietnam.Showing colony surface.

Echinophyllia patula.  Vietnam.  Showing a central corallite.

Echinophyllia patula.Vietnam.Showing a central corallite.

Echinophyllia patula.  Sri Lanka.  Showing peripheral corallites.

Echinophyllia patula.Sri Lanka.Showing peripheral corallites.