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Cyphastrea ocellina

(Dana, 1864)

Colonies are massive or encrusting, with an undulating surface. Corallites are less than 3 millimetres diameter and tightly compacted. Septa are in two unequal orders of 12 each and sometimes have a third order. Paliform lobes are small or absent. The coenosteum is covered with short spinules.

Colour: Pale greenish-yellow or dark green.

Habitat: Upper reef slopes.

Abundance: Rare.

Similar species:

Taxonomic note: Source reference: Veron (2000). Taxonomic reference: Wijsman-Best (1980). Additional identification guides: Maragos (1977), Nishihira and Veron (1995).

Map displaying probable distribution of species. Points indicate recorded sightings from OBIS.
Cyphastrea ocellina.  Philippines.  A massive colony.  Charlie Veron.

Cyphastrea ocellina.Philippines.A massive colony.Charlie Veron.

Cyphastrea ocellina.  Philippines.  Detail of a small encrusting colony.  Charlie Veron.

Cyphastrea ocellina.Philippines.Detail of a small encrusting colony.Charlie Veron.

Cyphastrea ocellina.  Hawaii.  With very exsert corallites.  Doug Fenner.

Cyphastrea ocellina.Hawaii.With very exsert corallites.Doug Fenner.

Cyphastrea ocellina.  Philippines.  Corallite detail.  Charlie Veron.

Cyphastrea ocellina.Philippines.Corallite detail.Charlie Veron.

Cyphastrea ocellina.  Philippines.  Showing corallites.

Cyphastrea ocellina.Philippines.Showing corallites.

Cyphastrea ocellina.  Hawaii.  No text reqd.

Cyphastrea ocellina.Hawaii.No text reqd.